Drug Task Force

A task force is a group of people who are temporarily assigned to work together to achieve a very specific and clearly defined objective. For example, a drug task force works independently of a police force to address issues relating to the manufacture, sale, and use of illegal drugs. Although the concept is military in origin, today they are often found beyond the boundaries of the military, appearing in the business world, law enforcement, and charitable organizations.

Several things set a task force aside from other working groups. The first is typically a sense of autonomy; it is commanded by someone high-ranking enough that he or she does not need to constantly consult superiors to make decisions. This makes a task force extremely mobile, flexible, and effective, allowing the members to use their abilities in very efficient ways. It also typically contains a broad cross-section of people, integrating an assortment of skills into a single unit.

While most task forces focus on short-term goals like developing new technology or solving a specific problem, they can also take on more challenging long-term issues, like the proliferation of drugs, or smuggling. In some instances, these task forces ultimately evolve into regular units, reflecting the fact that their tasks will never truly be done, although they might make tremendous strides in the right direction.

Agent Badges

badge-1 badge-2 badge-3 badge-4 badge-5 badge-6 badge-7

Seized Drugs and Money

1 8 6 7 5 4 3 2

Illegal Marijuana Plants

10 9

Discovered Meth Labs

14 13 12 11