Jail and Support Staff

bobby meek James R. “Bobby” Meek was hired Jan. 1, 2006 as Jail Administration under the administration of Sheriff “Shot” Bright. He oversees a staff, presently, of 14 jailers, 4 control board operators and 2 nurses. He works closely with the court system, judges, court clerks, the DA’s office, MDOC, and other law enforcement agencies and jurisdictions.

As Jail Administrator, he is responsible for the Panola County Detention Center, which houses, on a daily basis, an average of 120 inmates (County, State and Federal). Approximately 30 of these inmates are trusties, who require special supervision for the jobs that they do. He oversees the trusties in the Panola County Joint County & State Work Center. These trusties provide the manpower for the trash pickup and garbage pickup crews, as well as the vehicle maintenance shop and car wash for Sheriff Department and other county vehicles. These trusties are also responsible for the care, upkeep, repair and maintenance of all county buildings and grounds. This saves Panola County money that would have to be spent to provide these services.

Bobby must familiarize himself with each inmate case and works to meet the legal, physical and, sometimes, mental requirements for all of the inmates. He coordinates court appearances and prisoner transport between the court system here and also in other jurisdictions. He arranges transportation for relocation of inmates to other detention facilities.

Bobby’s work week does not begin and end Monday thru Friday. He is “hand-on” and must be available after hours and weekends for situations that often arise within the jail.

kathy wilsonKathy Wilson was hired Aug. 1, 2001 by, then, Jail Administrator, “Shot” Bright as his assistant. Her duties include handling all aspects of business, pertaining to the inmates.

She is responsible for posting to the cash journal all monies taken in by the Booking Dept. and reconciles the bank statements , turning this in to the Chancery Clerk at the end of each month. She makes bond reports and money distribution to all agencies using this facility. She does billing for housing from other agencies, including MDOC. She does a monthly report to Social Security, reporting convicted inmates or inmates incarcerated for 30 days or more.

Kathy acts a case manager for the trusties, keeping them in touch with the MDOC officers. She maintains overtime and holiday pay records for the jail staff employees and turns this in to the Chancery Clerk for payroll.

In addition to all of this, she also performs regular clerical duties such as filing and correspondence for the jail.

Jailer day shift 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.

         Harry Joe Hentz          David Crosswhite
         Jailer                            Jailer

          Helen Street             Richie Lambert
          Jailer                         Jailer

Vontice Lambert              Billy Lightning             
Jailer                                Jailer                              

Jailer night shift 6 p.m. – 6 a.m.

Laurie Swindle                       Willie Odom
Jailer                                       Jailer

Phyllis Allen                    Richard Moore
Control Room                 Control Room

Gail Cauthen                    Brenda Morrow            Stefanie Bray
Receptionist                      Nurse                           Nurse